Contact: Mrs. Mercer, Little Hoole Primary School, Dob Lane, Preston, Lancashire PR4 5QL

01772 613026

Little Hoole Primary School

Believe, Grow, Achieve

 Our Aims


At Little Hoole Primary School we want all of the children to

Believe, Grow, Achieve


  • Children will feel valued as unique individuals.
  • Children will find learning enjoyable and often fascinating – they will be positive learners.
  • Children will be confident and resilient in both their learning and wider relationships. 


  • Develop a positive sense of self, becoming respectful and responsible citizens who are prepared for life in a diverse and modern Britain.
  • Have opportunities to nurture, develop and stretch their talents and interests. 
  • Learn how to be safe, secure & healthy showing excellent behaviour and attitudes to learning, knowing how to make the right choices


  • Children will receive great teaching. They will feel supported and challenged. 
  • Children will make excellent progress as a result of the school’s curriculum which is carefully and skilfully planned, thoroughly delivered and regularly reviewed and improved.  
  • Children will grow in self-esteem as they realise their potential